Solution for: WordPress function have_comments() not working – returns false

headmaster @ 9:36 pm

WordPress LogoThe WordPress function have_comments() is not working. When I perform a var_dump() the function returns false.

This is not a big deal, the solution is simple.


How to make a StatusNet Theme (Template) Part 4

headmaster @ 4:47 pm

StatusNet MicroblggingThis is part four of our series in editing / styling StatusNet themes. So far in the series we have covered some of the StausNet theme basics. We have changed the styling of our layout and some of our header. and have changed the colors of our buttons, side nav, etc.. throughout the theme.

Now is the time for finishing off the header area of the theme.


How to make a StatusNet Theme (Template) Part 2

headmaster @ 8:18 pm

StatusNet Micro bloggingThis is part two of a series on creating and or editing StatusNet themes. You can find the first part of the series here.


How to make a StatusNet Theme (Template) Part 1

headmaster @ 9:56 pm

StatusNet MicroblggingThis is a summary of the steps I took to create a template or theme for one of my friends who wanted to have a StatusNet microblogging platform installed on his site. See the site here.

What you’ll find here is a synthesis of the information I found throughout the StatusNet wikis, readmes and related sites + my own work. I find it easier to learn these apps and their internals by writing about them; Essentially paraphrasing all the information I have compiled on the subject.


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