IonCube PHP Encoder

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IonCube PHP EncoderThe ionCube PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect PHP 4, 5 & 5.3 source code from easy observation, theft and change. PHP licensing features built into the Pro and Cerberus editions also allow licensing PHP scripts to control where PHP code runs, and files can also have a time expiry. Non-PHP code such as XML can also be encrypted.


A Word About Line Numbers

headmaster @ 12:23 am, IncWe noticed a difference between some of the Joomla! files on the godaddy server and the zipped files in our local machines. After some experimentation we noted the following behavior:


Hacking Community Builder: Modyfing and Styling the Login Module (CB Login) Code View 1

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Community Builder LogoBelow is the segment of code we’re going to move into the <fieldset></fieldset> . We have removed some of the excess white space from the segment of code in order to make it fit our page properly but the beginning and end line numbers of the code you should be moving are correct: 1743 – 1903.


Solution to Warning date(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings.

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PHP ElephantI have several PHP sites that need to be upgraded so I set up a development server on one of my local computers. When I visit the sites locally the sites seem to work but upon enabling of the display_errors PHP directive the sites immediately display the following error:

Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the system’s timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods and you are still getting this warning, you most likely misspelled the timezone identifier. We selected ‘America/Denver’ for ‘-6.0/DST’ instead in localhost/location/contact.php on line 130


Solution for: WordPress function have_comments() not working – returns false

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WordPress LogoThe WordPress function have_comments() is not working. When I perform a var_dump() the function returns false.

This is not a big deal, the solution is simple.


Useful WordPress Bits

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WordPress DevelopmentThis is where I keep the pieces of code and other WordPress structures I use again and again in my work. Just a quick reference I guess.


Working with Exo PHPDesk

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Exo PHPDesk Helpdesk SoftwareI’m evaluating several help desk solutions in search of a platform I can work with and if necessary expand. My experience with Open Source software has taught me that while there are a lot of OS apps that don’t deserve to live on. There are others that can be considered diamonds in the rough and deserve some time to polish. There is however a limited number of OS apps that are truly awesome out of the box. In this post we will be looking at ExoScript’s Exo PHPDesk and determine into which of these 3 categories it falls.


How to Install prettyPhoto JavaScript Lightbox on a WordPress Theme

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WordPress DevelopmentThis tutorial emerged organically after writing the tutorial for Installing prettyPhoto JavaScript Lightbox.

My original intention was to document the steps I had taken in using the script in a regular good ‘ol fashioned site, (meaning non CMS or Blog script). In the process of writing said tutorial I had to show a working sample on this blog. Since this is a WordPress, Pretty Photo had to be made to work with the existing theme. So I did the install and re-wrote the tutorial to address what I did to make it work on this WP blog.


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