StatusNet Fancy URLs

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StatusNet MicroblggingStatusNet has a feature called Fancy URLs, which is basically a way for the application to create SEO friendly URLs. This post is just a log of my experiences with this URL rewriting feature.

The More You Know

First of all, if you log in as an administrator and access the Admin page, in the PATHS section you will see a check box that toggles the Fancy URLs feature. If you or any other admin checks it without first taking the installation steps your app will break. You will not be able to navigate around the app until you do the proper installation of the feature.

If you are a webmaster performing a StatusNet install for someone else to administer make sure you install all the available features for your clients, whether they are going to use them or not. You don’t want to get a call to fix the issue above if you could have prevented it. If you have a check box expect it to get checked!

If you are following this post from the StatusNet theme how tos then you know I have performed StatusNet installs using the Softalicious script installer. Be aware, Softalicious does not perform any extra feature installs besides the main script. In this case the Fancy URLs feature had to be installed by hand.

Enabling Fancy URLs

Three (3) easy steps:

1. rename htaccess.sample to .htacees
2. change the RewriteBase to your StatusNet install folder.
3. Add the following line to your config.php

$config['site']['fancy'] = true;

Actually I lied because there is a fourth step, you gotta upload the files to the root if the StatusNet installation folder and that’s it.

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