This section is where we keep everything related to every open source script and app we evaluate for recommendation to our customers. The purpose here is to create our own arsenal of the best tools and scripts on the web. Because there are a lot of different software products for any given need the best thing to do, we have found, is to evaluate everything that comes along as if we were going to use it on a customer’s site. Which is in fact what happens down the line when we recommend our clients an app for a specific purpose.

Please Note: The content here was written to address our internal needs but we decided to open the blog to the public because we believe the information contained herein should be shared with the public at large. Should you have anything to add to the conversation use the comment forms throughout to give us your feedback.

StatusNet Fancy URLs

headmaster @ 7:13 pm

StatusNet MicroblggingStatusNet has a feature called Fancy URLs, which is basically a way for the application to create SEO friendly URLs. This post is just a log of my experiences with this URL rewriting feature.


StatusNet: End of Evaluation

headmaster @ 6:06 pm

StatusNet MicroblggingWith this post we conclude our evaluation and our work with StatusNet. Consider this our final report on this micro blogging platform.


StatusNet User Administration, how do I keep track of my users?

headmaster @ 1:03 am

StatusNet MicroblggingThis post is part of the Working with StatusNet: how to article series.

We’ve been working with StatusNet for a couple of weeks now and have developed the need to manage the site’s users. Not that we have a lot of traffic, it is because we are attempting to resolve the Password Recovery Error: Bad Request – No such recovery code issue.


Working with StatusNet

headmaster @ 1:00 am

StatusNet MicroblggingIn this series of articles we will be documenting our work with the StatusNet micro blogging platform. Because managing an Open Source app like StatusNet requires some knowledge we will not waste a lot of time with what is considered basic information. Simply put, if you need to be here, it is assumed you understand the conversation.

We try to run an open forum so anyone and everyone is invited and welcome to partake in the discussion if you think you have something to add. We will also try to help if that help falls within our capabilities.


Researching a WordPress Related Links Solution

headmaster @ 10:07 pm

WordPress LogoI want to display a list of related links for each post on my blog; this very blog in fact. I also want to be able to add external links to the related links from my site seamlessly. It is unfortunate that WordPress doesn’t have such a feature as a default widget, being that it is something very common across the web nowadays. So I’m going to be installing and trying a variety of available plugins in order to find the features I want. Should I not find exactly what I want I will then resort to rolling my own.


Working with Exo PHPDesk

headmaster @ 8:05 pm

Exo PHPDesk Helpdesk SoftwareI’m evaluating several help desk solutions in search of a platform I can work with and if necessary expand. My experience with Open Source software has taught me that while there are a lot of OS apps that don’t deserve to live on. There are others that can be considered diamonds in the rough and deserve some time to polish. There is however a limited number of OS apps that are truly awesome out of the box. In this post we will be looking at ExoScript’s Exo PHPDesk and determine into which of these 3 categories it falls.


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