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Hello World!

The main reason I started this blog was to address the personal necessity of documenting my work, in particular the research and thought processes that have lead me to solutions both past and present. As I’ve gotten older and garnered knowledge and experience in the field I have found myself researching solutions to some of the same problems again and again. Not because I didn’t learn the first time (although this may be true most of the time) but simply because the opportunity to apply any particular solution to a problem again usually does not present itself right away. In my experience, there are instances where considerable time has passed after I’ve done a particular piece of research for some purpose till I need to use it again.

There is a secondary but very important reason.

I have always relied on my memory to keep track of where I’ve been. When I was younger you could say I had a photographic memory. I thought I would always have this awesome tool at my disposal ready to pull up facts and figures in a pinch, I prided myself in being able to think on my feet. Looking back at myself I have this clear impression of being overwhelmed with information and a disordered, chaotic thought process which was unable to clearly interpret it all. Yet somehow, I was always able to survive the situation or solve the problem at hand, if only by the skin of my teeth.

I find it absolutely ironic that as my mind matures and the ability to think critically becomes more and more ingrained and useful the sharpness of the data being processed is becoming less and less.  It’s as if the photographic memory is losing resolution, replacing details with noise.  So I find myself actually doubting my own memories and knowledge. Funny thing is, the older I get the more I realize how little I actually know. Hence the importance of “knowing” things has diminished in my mind, replaced in fact by the question of whether there is any validity to actually “knowing” anything in a universe where anything is possible. This has made me question the value of my own memories and I now find it necessary to keep track of where I’ve been in a more pragmatic way, a simple (yet good looking) weblog.

I would like to point something out at this time. This blog was written for me, by me. It is not my purpose to present an authoritative voice on any subject presented in these pages. I is not my purpose to instruct ANYONE OTHER THAN MYSELF.

Read the disclaimer here.


I would go as far as saying that you would be better off not bothering with any of this and conduct your own research.  Should you choose to take anything written on this blog as advice know that the author may be insane or inane or both. Also know that there are no guarantees or promises made that what worked for me will work for you. Everyone is different and so is every computer system and configuration.

Comments and suggestions may or may not be welcome. It’s all relative and ultimately depends on mood.


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